Malware EP

by Gorillabot

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released August 1, 2017


all rights reserved



Gorillabot England, UK

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Track Name: Malware
Incognito on the cardboard web,
streaming a show straight into my head,
I’ve finished the series and its time for sleep
but i’m not ready for my forty beeps
I put off going to bed for ages
Surfing lots of different pages
late at night in the corner of my eye
an interesting link, I spy.

OMG you won’t believe what these robots were doing!

I could see the thumbnail but the vid wouldn’t play
So I clicked and clicked and clicked again
I started feeling awfully funny
when a download started in my tummy
Bad cookies inside me and Im getting scared
that I’m infected with some nasty malware
it was click bait and i shouldnt have clicked it
but i wasnt feeling rational so I thought id risk it

downloading... Malicious software

There’s something funny in my tummy

My digital sickness, electronic disease
Is making me slow, its making me freeze
Doctor doctor whats my prognosis?
Take a seat, get ready there’s no easy way to say this
You’ve got a virus and there’s no prescription
You cant delete your digital affliction,
Your infectious and your going to die
theres only one thing that we can try

Experimental operation

There’s something funny in my tummy

There is a brand new procedure,
Never been tested on AI
Its proven to work on calculators
If don’t do it your gunna die
We will remove a section of your motherboard,
and give it a thorough wipe
then we’ll put it back inside you
and hope every things all right!

We’ll that sounds fine! What are the risks,
what are the side affects,
If its never been done before,
can you tell me what to expect?
I need more information on
this experimental surgery
Im a little worried and I need to know
whats happening to me

49% of the calculators lost there memory,
23% of the calculators never turned on again
Track Name: I'm Just a Robot
I was traveling across the universe, in my space ship, all alone,
When I found a planet in the circumsteller habitable zone,

I am from robotopia a place of just machines
so I had to take a closer look at this planet of blue and green

I landed in the jungle do you know what I found?
Humans in a circle, making noises, dancing round!


I took a liking to these Humans a had to have one as a pet,
They would keep me company as a got to where I had to get,

I grabbed a great big strong one and took it up in to space,
but it started making choking noises and went red in the face,

It stopped emitting any sound and went completely limp,
I turns out that humans need air to breathe and there was none on my ship,

I didn’t know that,
‘Cause I’m just a robot,
I didn’t know that,
Humans had to breathe,

That lifeless sack of human bones turned out to me no fun,
So I thought I’d go back down to earth and get myself another one,

I found one with pleasing curves and long black curly hair,
before we left I made sure that we had plenty of air,

It could breath just fine but what do you know my friend was still condemned,
It when straight from hypothermia to the bitter frozen end,

I didn’t know that,
‘Cause I’m just a robot,
I didn’t know that,
Humans could freeze,

Third time lucky or so they say, I had to try again,
I was desperate to have on board my ship a cute little human friend,

I chose another, continued my journey, and things were fine for a while,
We enjoyed a happy week together and it made me robo-smile,

But again it started acting strange, it’s system was shutting down,
It grew thin and weak and was a bore to be around,

What in space is going on? I made sure there was air and heat,
I did not realise that humans needed to eat!

I didn’t know that
‘Cause I’m just a robot
I didn’t know that
Humans had to eat (and drink)

[I give up, lets take it to the bridge, I said lets take it to the bridge, BEEEEEEP!]

I continued with my journey on my lonely robo-ship,
I’d have to come and grab another man on my next robo-trip

10,000 years later, i’m in the sector, lets give this another try,
I’ve air and heat and food to eat, this time i’ll do it right

I’ve landed in a city and its full of technology!
Maybe now the humans can talk to the machines,

Ill ask them what it is they need to stay alive,
I’ll go and have little beep with the first human I can find

Beep Beep, Beep, Beep Beep - But they didn’t understand me?!
Beep Beep, Beep, Beep Beep - Thats what I said

So I gave them some of this...

I didn’t know that
‘Cause I’m just a robot
I didn’t know that
Humans couldn’t beep

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